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The Fun Comes To You!

Boys and girls of all ages love ponies! We come to your home with a pony or ponies to give your child a very special and memorable party.

What's Included in a Pony Party?

Ponies! One or two, depending on the age and number of children, brought to your home with our truck and horse trailer.

Two rides per child. The ponies are led by an experienced adult.

Time with the ponies to feed and pet them and ask questions.

"Popper Scooper" service at the end of the party.

What You Will Need To Provide:

A shady yard, large enough to walk the ponies around.

Apples, carrots & Tic Tacs to feed the ponies.

A group of excited kids!

If you don't have the room at your home to host a pony party, we can have the event at a near by park or at Cherry Grove Stables. At Cherry Grove Stables the kids can run around at the farm and play with lots of other critters.

Cost of a Pony Party?

The number of children and their ages will determine whether or not you need to have one or two ponies for your party.

For one pony, the cost is $170 for the first hour. Additional hour is $40 for each pony. Depending on your location, a small traveling fee may apply.

For a quote, contact Suzanna directly at, or by calling (226) 377-2369.

Additional Party Services

Face Painting: $50/hr

Clown: $50/hr

Birthday Cakes: Please email for quotes

Professional Photographer: Please email for quotes



Suzanna was awesome with the kids and the ponies! The kids were so excited when she pulled in with the truck and trailer. This party was easy to plan and my little girl was very,very happy at the end of the day! Marilyn Great Party!