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Horseback riding benefits Your Health, Your Self Esteem, and Your Sense of Accomplishment

Horseback riding is both a recreational and therapeutic activity, one that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and skill level.

Imagine burning calories while having fun and relaxing without barely breaking a sweat, horseback riding can do just that. Not only is the horse your riding getting the benefit of being outdoors and walking down a trail, but you to are working muscles that you otherwise would not be. Horseback riding allows you to stretch and utilize muscles with out causing stress to body parts that some exercise regimes such as walking or running may do.

Not only do you have the benefits of burning calories but horseback riding helps improve posture and coordination.

Mastering the art of horseback riding assists in building ones sense of control, accomplishment and self-esteem.
For young children and adults a like the social aspects of horseback riding can be just as rewarding as the caloric benefit.
Meeting new people and sharing a passion helps to foster relationships that will last a life time. The bond between horse and rider helps people of all ages to respect not only themselves but animals as well.

Therapeutic Benefits of Horseback Riding for Children with Disabilities:

Ponies have a way of bringing out a smile and a laugh among children who may otherwise be reserved and lacking of confidence in other areas of their life.
To bring a pony into the life of a child can open up new possibilities and a greater sense of confidence and ability. For a parent of a child who may face emotional, social or physical challenges in their life, watching the smile of that child on a trail ride, or just the confidence to sit and bond with a pony will bring a sense of joy and satisfaction. Balance, coordination and self-assurance, along with the sheer enjoyment of being outdoors with a pony is therapy for any rider.

Suzanna has a gift not only with horses and ponies, but also with children who require someone who will give them the extra time and compassion in life that they so deserve.

For a parent, an hour or two a week can be all it takes to see how much an animal can change the spirit and determination of a young child. While giving you the time you need to relax and enjoy that reassuring loving smile.


Suzanna was awesome with the kids and the ponies! The kids were so excited when she pulled in with the truck and trailer. This party was easy to plan and my little girl was very,very happy at the end of the day! Marilyn Great Party!